What is Stranger Things Mode on Spotify for Android, iPhone, & Mobile?

what is Stranger Things mode Spotify

To celebrate the release of season 2 of Stranger Things, the brains behind Spotify have launched a really fun and interesting feature. It’s called the Stranger Things mode on Spotify and has to be seen to be believed. But what exactly do these settings do and how do you activate them?

What is the Stranger Things setting on Spotify? The Stranger Things mode on Spotify enables a new setting which changes what the appearance of the soundtrack being played back looks like. You will enter Stranger Things mode which will be instantly recognisable by the lighting beams coming up from the playback scroller.

What does the Stranger Things mode on Spotify do?

Essentially it was designed to let you get a glimpse into what the Upside Down looks like whilst playing the Stranger Things soundtrack from a mobile device such as Android or iPhone.

Unfortunately, the Spotify Stranger Mode settings only work on the mobile app and will only activate if you are playing the official soundtrack. You can see it in action in the YouTube video below.

How to activate Stranger Things mode on Spotify

To see the Strange Things setting in action on your Spotify mobile app, simply browse to the official Stranger Things soundtrack. You can find it on this link.

You then need to go to your playback settings in Spotify and activate the Stranger Things mode using the green slider button.

Once that’s done, go back to your play window and you will start to see some very strange goings on. What it will then do is change your Spotify skin to the Upside Down with floating lights and a flashlight beam tracking across the playlist and album artwork.

You are now in the home of the Demogorgon. If you get too scared, you can quickly de-activate it by browsing away from the soundtrack.

OK, so it’s nothing that amazing in truth, but it is a great Easter Egg placed into the mobile app by the developers in order to celebrate the release of the latest season of Stranger Things. 

Does it work on the desktop version?

Unfortunately, I cannot seem to get the Spotify Stranger Things mode to work on my desktop version of the software; only on Android, iPhone and other mobile devices.

Does it work on other Spotify music?

Again, unfortunately not. It’s only an Easter Egg mode that will work on the official soundtrack that I linked to higher up the article.

Stranger Things mode not working?

If you are struggling to get Stranger Things mode working it will be down to two probable reasons; you’re either not listening to the official soundtrack or you are trying to get it to work on the desktop version of the software.

Are there any other Spotify Easter Eggs?

By the time you read this blog post, the Stranger Things mode on Spotify may have stopped working. It was purely a piece of fun and promotional work that probably won’t be around for ever… but are there any other Easter Eggs hidden in Spotify?

Well, yes, I actually managed to find one for Star Wars too.

When you play the Star Wars score on Spotify, the time playback bar gets replaced with a cool lightsaber graphic instead of the usual slider.

An official Spotify spokesperson also had this to say on their support forums:

“An idea has been added to have Spotify create more fun features like this in the future. You can vote on it if you would like to see overlays and designs for any playlists!”

Why don’t you see how many you can come up with to suggest to the Spotify team?

Final thoughts… 

During the season of Halloween, who doesn’t like to be spooked out a little bit?

Whilst the Stranger Things Spotify mode and settings probably won’t have you hiding around the back of the couch, it’s a fun little thing that you can share with your friends this season.

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